Fall 2013 Newsletter

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Dinner Meeting - LOMA Society of Twin Cities

Fall 2013

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· Dinner Meeting - LOMA Society of Twin Cities

· “Succeeding in a Challenging Environment”

· 2013 Scholarship Winner

· Save When You Attend

· Outstanding Society Awards

· New LOMA Designees

· Officer and Board Member Nominees

· Society Dues

· Spring Seminar Details

· LOMA Twin Cities Board Members

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"Succeeding in a Challenging Environment" with Jon Stenberg, Executive Vice President and General Manager, RiverSource Insurance

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Securian Financial Group

400 Robert S N

St Paul MN 55101

Parking in 401 Bldg for $2 ($1 bills or quarters preferred)

Members - $25

Non-members - $35

Ready for Success


Pasta Bar with chicken, Italian sausage & sauce

Caesar salad & bread sticks

Chef’s vegetables

Assorted desserts

“Succeeding in a Challenging Environment” – Jon Stenberg, RiverSource Insurance

Jon is responsible for leading strategy, product development, sales and marketing, service, and operations for the full line of RiverSource® insurance products.

Jon joined Ameriprise Financial in January 2011 with more than 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry. Prior to joining Ameriprise, he was with New York Life, where he was senior vice president and head of Retail Insurance, responsible for product development within the company’s core life business. Jon also held key leadership and sales positions at UBS, Lincoln Financial and Aetna. He is a U.S. Army veteran.

2013 Scholarship Winner

The 2013 Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the LOMA Society’s $500 scholarship is Ahna Hoffman. Ahna is majoring in Economics at Century College. She is the daughter of Renee Hoffman, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, AIRC at Catholic United Financial. The scholarship will be presented at the Fall Recognition Dinner.

Save When You Attend a 2014 Meeting or Seminar

Society members pay half price to attend a meeting or seminar in 2014 when they bring a new member guest who has paid full meeting or seminar price. What a better perk when you share the experience of a LOMA meeting or seminar!

Outstanding Society Awards

The Board is thrilled to announce that the LOMA Society of the Twin Cities has won the following Outstanding Society Awards this year:

· Communication and Public Relations

· Community Service

· Membership

· Special Achievement

The national LOMA organization extends its congratulations to all of the Twin Cities Society members!

New LOMA Designees

Congratulations to the new LOMA designees!


Angie Kivi, Securian

Sara Fulmek, Securian

Gauri Multani, TATA Consultancy Services

Trisha Schilling, Catholic United Financial

Genevieve Parriott, Allianz Life Insurance

Cjrostoam Ajgrem-Williams, Allianz Life Insurance


Ken Deason, Federated Life Insurance

Gleen Moen, Ferderated Life Insurance

Bonnie Coughlin, Federated Life Insurance

Eric Proehl, Federated Life Insurance

Shelly Prieve, Federated Life Insurance

Lisa Aus, Federated Life Insurance

Lynnae Byers, Federated Life Insurance

Kelly Maalis, Federated Life Insurance

Margaret Hanson, Federated Life Insurance

Corrine Mahlman, Federated Life Insurance

Stacy Nelson, Federated Life Insurance

Jeffrey Trager, Federated Life Insurance

Pamela Saia, Prudential Financial

Peggy Polden, Prudential Financial

Blair Kohlbry, Prudential Financial

Jennifer Nollan, RGA Reinsurance

Bradley Wolff, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Benjamin Hesse, Assurant Health

Sarah Wiysel, Allianz Life Insurance

Karen Ullen, Allianz Life Insurance

Owen Carlander, Allianz Life Insurance

Brandon Reinke, Securian

Sharon Larson, Securian

Anna Brandel, Securian

Kelly Minten, Catholic United Financial


Michael Horan, State Farm

Mark Madson, State Farm


Glenn, Moen, Federated Life Insurance

Michaela Voor Vart, Legal & General

Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial


Michele Dungworth, Allianz Life Insurance

Amy Wienke, Independent

Lisa Balagot


Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial

Emily Pernu, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Kim Odens, Securian

Erica Coan, Federated Life Insurance


Kelly Brown, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Duane Pfaff, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Nagananda Muthukuru, TATA Consultancy Services

Srihari Attuluri, TATA Consultancy Services

Rohan Pandit, TATA Consultancy Services

Dinesh Kundanam, TATA Consultancy Services

Patrick Piepkorn, Securian

Sarah Cable, Securian

Katy Gilley, Securian

James Dougherty, Securian

Katherine Kim, Securian

Sheri Banitt, Securian

Robert Large, Securian

Rebecca Stenlund, Securian

Neil Ballis, Securian

Kelsey Swanson, Securian

Kelly Rollinger, Securian

Dhanik Dharmapa, CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants

Eric Canter, RGA Reinsurance

Ann Phelps, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Vicki Doberstein, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Sara Wacek, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Jim Calubavan, Country Financial

Kathleen Mary Maikozak, Guardian Life Insurance

Nicole Muller, Allianz Life Insurance

David Moore, Allianz Life Insurance

Chor Vang, Allianz Life Insurance

Eric Proehl, Federated Life Insurance

Jaclyn Natzel, Federated Life Insurance

Erica Coan, Federated Life Insurance

Blaire Kohlbry, Prudential Financial

Cindy Novotny, Prudential Financial

Sara Enright, Prudential Financial

Wesley Bradshaw, State Farm

Aimee Rassier, State Farm

Jessica Johnshoy, Direct Response Insurance Administrative Services


Glenn Moen, Federated Life Insurance

Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial


Christina Bellamy, Securian

Kristen Gemmill, Securian

Paula Yager, Securian

Michael Horan, State Farm

Veneta Bebrevska-Nedelcheva, Allianz Life Insurance


Pamela Anson, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Bradley Wolff, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Hugh Dunaway, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Jenny Fischer, ING ReliaStar Life Insurance

Srinivas Denduluri, TATA Consultancy Services

Venkata Siva Srinivas Rachapudi, TATA Consultancy Servides

Jodie Salisbury, Federated Life Insurance

Glenn Moen, Federated Life Insurance

Nichole Crawford, Federated Life Insurance

Brian Haggerty, Federated Life Insurance

Patrick Piepkorn, Securian

Laura Oien, Securian

Jeffrey McGinley, Securian

William Gould, Securian

Jared Asay, Securian

Kelly Rollinger, Securian

Hank Stewart, Allianz Life Insurance

Michele Doungworth, Allianz Life Insurance

Christopher Manea, Ameriprise Financial

Amy Olin, State Farm

Wesley Bradshaw, State Farm

Marc Davis, State Farm

Cindy Novotny, Prudential Financial


Michaela Voor Vart, Legal & General America

Beth Eberback, Mutual of America Life Insurance

Tyler Buchardt, Federated Life Insurance

Heather Brown, Federated Life Insurance

Anthony Lindsay, Federated Life Insurance

Jeffrey Trager, Federated Life Insurance

Angela Olson, Securian


Krista Tossey, Securian

Catherine Cook, First Colony Life Insurance

Rheanon Harlan, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

LOMA Society of the Twin Cities Officers and Board Nominees

The Nominating Committee of the LOMA Society of the Twin Cities recommends the following slate of officers, board members and society committee representative for 2014 be placed in nomination for election at our next membership meeting on October 8, 2013.


Vice President:


Treasurer and Past President:

Society Committee Representative:

Membership Committee Chair:

Communications Chair:

Program Committee Chair:

Member at Large:

Dixie Carroll and Barb Prinz (both from Ameriprise Financial)

Robin Hollicky (Prudential)

Tyler Akerlind (Securian Trust Company)

Julie Printz (Thrivent Financial)

Michaela VoorVart (Legal & General America)

LuAnn Maxfield (Prudential)

Barb Prinz (Ameriprise Financial)

Dawn Miller (Prudential)

Carol Ullery (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota)

Society Dues

Twin Cities Society dues of $10 are payable for the period from September 2013 through August 2014. If your company has not submitted payment, please submit to:

Claudia Wiebold, Twin Cities LOMA Society Treasurer

Securian Financial Group

400 Robert St N

St Paul MN 55101

LOMA Society of the Twin Cities Holds Spring Seminar

The LOMA Society of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul held its Spring Seminar on May 7, 2013 at Catholic United Financial. The seminar began with a breakfast buffet and a brief business meeting followed by three presentations.

The first presentation was titled, “Toastmasters Impact on Careers – 3 Perspectives.” Three speakers, Greg Barth, Kyle Elbert, and Teri Erhardt, shared their experiences with Toastmasters. They commented that Toastmasters is best known for helping its members develop public speaking skills, an important ability since it may not matter how much someone knows about a topic if they can’t communicate effectively.

The speakers went on to describe how Toastmasters can impart many other skills including listening skills, presentation skills, including the technical the aspects of a presentation, meeting skills, and leadership skills. Toastmasters also teaches how to keep an audience engaged. They concluded by describing how Toastmasters has helped them in both their professional and personal lives.

The second speaker was Tom Larson from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans who spoke on, “How Financial Planners Can Help Kids and Parents Prepare to Fund College and Avoid Costly Mistakes.” He stated there is often very little planning for college funding, although paying for a college education is among the most significant investments that is made, along with purchasing a house and retirement funding.

Tom spoke about how to build a “strong college strategy” that should focus on three things: admissions, academics, and financial aid. He pointed out that a school that appears to be more costly may actually cost less because increased financial aid may be available. He said a financial planner can help develop a plan for funding a college education. The plan will also help families protect other financial goals. Tom also noted that it is very important to understand the impact of student loans. A rule of thumb is not to borrow more than the expected first year annual salary.

The third speaker was Kristin Ferguson, Quantitative Risk Manager at the Securian Financial Group. Her talk was titled, “Topics in Life Insurance: Risk Management.” She spoke about the various risks a life insurance company faces including mortality, equity, interest rate, credit, policyholder behavior, and operational risk.

Kristin discussed how the market crash of 2008 brought the important of risk management into sharper focus. She noted it is important to work risk management into product development rather than after the fact and that funds must be managed for volatility. Kristin concluded by stressing the importance of managing risk appropriately and how a company must continually reevaluate the risk management tools it has in place.

Finally, at each meeting the LOMA Society selects a charity to which members may contribute. The Spring Seminar featured the Catholic United Foundation. Bob Heuermann, the foundation’s executive director, described, “Catholic United Response,” a program the foundation developed to provide disaster relief in the region. He spoke about several recent disasters and how response teams were quickly mobilized to provide assistance. Society members contributed generously to the Catholic United Foundation in support of their efforts.

LOMA Twin Cities Board Members

Julie Printz, President


Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

(612) 844-8372


Dixie Carroll, Past President


Ameriprise Financial Inc.

(612) 678-4177


Rolf T Anderson, Vice President and Scholarship Chair


212 West 36th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408



Claudia Wiebold, Secretary & Program Committee Chair


Securian Financial Group

(651) 665-3032


Leah Reckin-Mahoney, Treasurer


Securian Financial Group

(651) 665-3669


Barb Prinz, Communication Chair


Ameriprise Financial Inc.

(612) 678-7259


LuAnn Maxfield, Membership Committee Chair


Hartford Life

(763) 255-7390


Michaela Voor Vart, Society Committee Representative


Legal & General (Banner Life)

(651) 407-3158


Robin Holicky, Member at Large

Hartford Life