Fall 2012 Newsletter

September 2012 Newsletter

Issue: 4

Fall Recognition Dinner Meeting

New Designees:

This is an occasion for us to celebrate education and personal growth. As such, we think this presents a perfect opportunity for you to bring your manager or mentor. Some of them are unfamiliar with LOMA and all it has to offer. Consider inviting them to the fall dinner!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Hour: 5:30 pm Dinner: 6:00 pm

Speaker: 7:00 pm Recognition: 7:45 pm

Speaker: Bob Ehren, Senior VP-Life Product Manufacturing,

Minnesota Life Ins. Co.


How the low interest rates impact the industry & products

Charity: Emergency Foodshelf Network

Location: Securian Financial Group

400 Robert St N

St Paul, MN 55101

Fee: $25 members, $35 non-members

Please respond by Wednesday, September 27, 2012 to:

Claudia Wiebold (B0-3032)

Securian Financial Group

400 Robert Street North

St Paul, MN 55101

Phone: (651) 665-3032

Fax: (651) 665-4666

E-mail: claudia.wiebold@securian.com

Speaker Biography:

Robert Ehren, FSA, CLU

Senior Vice President, Life Product Manufacturing

As senior vice president of Life Product Manufacturing, Bob is

responsible for Individual Policy Services, Life Product Promotions,

Individual Actuarial, Individual Claims, Underwriting, Life New Business and Individual Business Technology.

Bob joined Securian in 1990 in the Individual Actuarial department before joining Securian Advisor Services in 1993. After six years developing and marketing life insurance products, Bob returned to Individual Actuarial in late 1999. In 2005, Bob was promoted to his current position in the newly formed Life Product Manufacturing.

Bob obtained his bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Economics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. He received the ASA designation in 1992, FSA designation in 1994 and CLU designation in 1996.

Holidazzle Parade

Once again the LOMA Society of the Twins Cities

will be participating in the Holidazzle Parade. Thursday, December 6th our Society will be marching in the parade to support the wonderful benefits of the Emergency Foodshelf Network. Mark your calendar for this event and contact LuAnn Maxfield at luann.maxfield@thehartford.com to be included on the volunteer list or for more information.


Interested in membership? Find out more! Contact LuAnn Maxfield at


New LOMA Designees


Daniel Appel, Securian

Laura Bender, Securian

Nicole Fritsche, Securian

Robert Lange, Securian

Michelle Munos, Securian


Cassandra Anderson, Catholic United Financial

Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial

Jennifer Maddox, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Jodie Salisbury, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Candice Corkins, HCC Life Ins. Co.

Tyler Akerlind, New York Life Ins. Co.

Sai Parshpogu, NIIT Technologies Limited

Ellen Ayers, Securian

Joshua Brechtel, Securian

Cheryl Busker, Securian

Matthew Dooley, Securian

Katherine Kunze, Securian

Angela Olson, Securian


Tyler Akerlind, New York Life Ins. Co.

Kristen Gemmill, Securian

Paula Yager, Securian


Tyler Blackman, Federated Life Ins. Co.


Paul Lindeman, Catholic United Financial

Tyler Blackman, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Bradley Wolff, ING ReliaStar Life Ins. Co.


Lisa Clemens, Allianz Life Ins.

Lisa Sharp, Allianz Life Ins

Lori Stasik, Allianz Life Ins.

Cassandra Anderson, Catholic United Financial

Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial

Nichole Crawford, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Kim Laughlin, New York Life Ins. Co.

Pamela Anson, ING ReliaStar Life Ins. Co.

Jason Bonk, ING ReliaStar Life Ins. Co.

Bradley Wolff, ING ReliaStar Life Ins. Co.

Anna Brandel, Securian

Shirley Jonas, Securian

Karen Knutson, Securian

Laura Oien, Securian

Kathleen Thompson, Securian

Gauri Multani, TATA Consultancy Services

Venkata Siva Srinivas Rachapudi, TATA Consultancy Services


Tyler Blackman, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Tyler Akerlind, New York Life Ins. Co.

Anne Randazzo, Prudential

Nancy Brinkman, RGA Reins. Co.

Kim Odens, Securian

Bradley Tressel, Securian


Jeremy Gogos, Securian


Beth Robinson, Allianz Life Ins.

Renee Hoffman, Catholic United Financial

Tyler Blackman, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Pam Hastings, Harford Life Ins. Co.

Jacqueline Taradash-Bennett, ING ReliaStar Life Ins. Co.

Tyler Akerlind, New York Life Ins. Co.

Sai Parshpogu, NIIT Technologies Limited

Anne Randazzo, Prudential

Joshua Brechtel, Securian

Jesse Cregan, Securian


Kyro Lantsberger, Federated Life Ins. Co.

Tyler Akerlind, New York Life Ins. Co.


Krystle Kinneman, Securian

Did you receive a designation between 9/1/2011 - 9/1/2012 but your name is not on the list? Please contact us at julie.printz@thrivent.com.

Dinner Meeting Charity Spotlight on Emergency Foodshelf Network

We will be accepting donations (cash or non-perishable items) to the Emergency Foodshelf Network. The Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN) is a nonprofit food bank that collects, warehouses and distributes quality food and essential services to Minnesota hunger relief organizations. Today, EFN's network consists of nearly 200 hunger relief programs throughout 35 Minnesota counties. These agencies provide more than 7 million pounds of nonperishable, perishable and prepared food to hunger relief organizations annually. For every dollar donated, EFN pours 92 cents directly back into its programs, making it one of the most efficient organizations in the Twin Cities.

Announcing our 2012 Scholarship Winner!

The 2012 Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that this year's recipient of the LOMA Society's$500 scholarship is Jessica Goodsell. Jessica has been studying mathematics and recently focused her efforts on earning a degree in accounting. She is the daughter of Kimberly Goodsell, a Compliance Officer at RiverSource Life Insurance Company. The scholarship will be presented on October 2, 2012 at the Fall Recognition Dinner.

Congratulations Jessica!

2013 LOMA Twin Cities Officer and Board Nominees

The Nominating Committee of the LOMA Society of the Twin Cities recommends the following slate of officers, board members and society committee representative for 2013 be placed in nomination for election at our next membership meeting on October 2, 2012:

President - Julie Printz (Thrivent Financial for Lutherans)

Vice President & Scholarship Committee Chair - Rolf T. Anderson (New York Life)

Secretary & Program Committee Chair - Claudia Wiebold (Securian Financial Group)

Treasurer - Leah Reckin-Mahoney (Securian Financial Group)

Past President - Dixie Carroll (Ameriprise Financial)

Additionally, the following individuals will serve the Society for the 2013 term:

Society Committee Representative - Michaela VoorVart (Legal & General America)

Membership Committee Chair - LuAnn Maxfield (Hartford Life)

Communications Committee Chair - Barb Prinz (Ameriprise


Member at Large - Robin Holicky (Hartford Life)

LOMA Twin Cities Wins Outstanding Society Awards

Every year the national LOMA organization recognizes local LOMA societies in various categories. The 2011/2012 Outstanding Society Awards results are in. The LOMA Society of Twin Cities has won in the following categories:

Communication & Public Relations

Community Service Special Achievement

Spring 2012 Meeting Recap

The LOMA Society of the Twin Cities held its Spring Seminar on May 8th at Catholic United Financial in Saint Paul. Attendees enjoyed a brunch buffet prior to the start of the meeting. After breakfast the Society President, Julie Printz, welcomed everyone to the event, introduced herself and the members of the board, and then conducted a brief business meeting.

The first speaker of the morning was Janel Anderson from Working Conversations who presented on the topic of "Change your Words, Change your World." The main theme of her presentation is that we all have the ability to transform our worlds by making changes in the way we speak to others and to ourselves.

Janel explained the concept of self-talk which is a way we influence our own reality. She covered the four categories of self talk which are:

1. Filtering

2. Personalizing

3. Catastrophizing

4. Polarizing

By giving examples of each category she demonstrated ways we can speak to ourselves differently and receive a more positive outcome. Her presentation concluded with a reminder "Choose words wisely, speak carefully, and to remember that our words matter."

Robert Heuermann, Foundation Director for Catholic United Financial spoke for a few minutes about our sponsored charity, the Catholic United Response Disaster Relief Fund.

LaRhae Knatterud, Director of Aging Transformation for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, then spoke about long term care planning and financing for baby boomers and the role the insurance industry can play. Her presentation "Own Your Future" covered the many issues our society faces as so many people enter the age 65+ demographic. Specifically, she discussed redefining work and retirement, supporting caregivers, fostering communities for a lifetime, improving health and long-term care and maximizing the use of technology to reach impacted individuals.

Our final speaker was Arik C. Hanson, the principal of ACH Communications, a digital communications consulting company focused on fostering meaningful online interactions and building measurable growth through social channels. He discussed how financial services companies are using social media and he debunked the following myths about our industry and social media:

1. Social media is a fad

2. Social media is only for kids

3. Social media takes too much time

4. Social media is everywhere; I can't keep up

5. Social media is a big risk

6. Social media doesn't work for insurance or financial services companies

7. Social media is frivolous

8. Social media can't help me sell

Arik provided examples of how financial services companies are using social media and he discussed what online tools can be used to help make social media more efficient and manageable. He noted that it's important for a company to decide what medium works best for them whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or R, etc. It's not necessary to try and do it all; rather it's important to decide what is most effective.

After the presentations, door prizes were awarded and the meeting concluded at 11:45.

LOMA Twin Cities Board Members

Julie Printz, President


Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

(612) 844-8372


Dixie Carroll, Past President


Ameriprise Financial Inc.

(612) 678-4177


Rolf T Anderson, Vice President and Scholarship Chair


212 West 36th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55408



Claudia Wiebold, Secretary & Program Committe Chair


Securian Financial Group

(651) 665-3032


Leah Reckin-Mahoney, Treasurer


Securian Financial Group

(651) 665-3669


Barb Prinz, Communication Chair


Ameriprise Financial Inc.

(612) 678-7259


LuAnn Maxfield, Membership Committee Chair


Hartford Life

(763) 255-7390


Michaela Voor Vart, Society Committee Representative


Legal & General (Banner Life)

(651) 407-3158


Robin Holicky, Member at Large

Hartford Life


For questions or feeback, please contact:

Barb Prinz


Communication Chair

LOMA Society of the Twin Cities