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Applications Deadline June 30

The LOMA Society of the Twin Cities each year awards a $500 scholarship for post-secondary education.

Eligible candidates are members of the LOMA Society in good standing, or a spouse, child, grandchild, domestic partner, or dependent of a Society member. Candidates may be an accepted first year or continuing student. The applicant is required to complete an application form describing their personal goals or development plan, and the LOMA Society member must also submit a statement of how their LOMA educational achievements or society membership has helped them personally in their career or interactions with others. Details are included in the Scholarship Program Guidelines found on the application form.

Scholarship applications and guidelines are available from any LOMA Society board member.

Contact the Scholarship Chair with any questions concerning the LOMA Society Scholarship Program.

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2021 Fall Recognition Event . . . . . . coming soon!

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Past speakers

  • The Bounce-Back Factor: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Success - Dr. Jermain Davis

  • Legislative and National issues – Robyn Rowen, Rick Kleven

  • Be the Exception – Anne Meehan

  • LOMA – industry challenges, recent launches, coming soon – Amanda Dumas

  • Enneagram: What motivates our behavior? The Key to Building Stronger Teams and Smarter Leaders – Kate Ostrem

  • Taking You Through the How’s and Why’s Of Networking – Lisa West

  • The Art of Listening…Hearing the Spoken Word – Daniel Marsano

  • Unclaimed Property Perspectives – Valerie Jundt

  • Effective Teamwork and Communication – Kit Welchlin

  • Interviewing Strategies – Understanding the Individual Perspective of the Subject – Daniel Marsano

  • Reinsurance – Charlie Caswell

  • Mindfulness – Dr. Rick Bell

  • Change is the Only Constant. The dynamic threat landscape and how information security posture is also changing to combat these threats – Kathleen Bellotti

  • Ever Changing Landscape of Technology – Tom Joyal

Past Charities

  • St. John’s Rescue

  • Feed My Starving Children

  • Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging

  • Ready for Success

  • Emergency Food Network

  • The Food Group

  • Junior Achievement

  • Catholic United Foundation

  • Open Arms

  • Insurance and financial services

  • Career development

  • Motivation

  • Health and wellness