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Spring 2013 Newsletter



Spring 2013 Newsletter



Spring 2013

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·    Half Day Spring Seminar

·    Speaker Details

·    Winter Meeting Recap

·    Scholarship

·    Board Members

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Half Day Spring Seminar

Date:  Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Catholic United Financial
3499 Lexington Ave N
St Paul, MN 55126

Members - $40
Non-members - $50





Registration and Breakfast Buffet
Business Meeting
"Toastmasters Impact on Careers – 3 Perspectives",
Speakers, Greg Barth, Kyle Elbert & Teri Erhardt
Bob Heuermann, Executive Director,
Catholic United Financial Foundation
Break for cookies, bars and beverage
"How Financial Planners can help kids and parents prepare to fund college and avoid costly mistakes"
Speaker, Tom Larson, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
"Topics in Life Insurance Hedging and Derivatives"
Speaker, Gary Hatfield, Investment Actuary, Corporate Actuarial, Securian Financial Group
Door prizes
Catholic United Financial Foundation

Breakfast Buffet:
Egg Strata 
Fresh Fruit
Muffins, bagels and cream cheese
Coffee and Juice


Please reply by May 1, 2013 to Claudia Wiebold 

Mailing address:
Attn: Claudia Wiebold (B0-3032) 
Securian Financial Group 
400 Robert Street North 
Saint Paul MN 55101

phone:  651-665-3032 
fax:       651-665-4666 



Speaker Details

Toastmasters has benefited thousands of individuals worldwide with their communication skills.  Three speakers (Greg Barth, Kyle Elbert, Teri Erhardt) will collectively share information on Toastmasters and their personal experiences.  This includes how it has benefitted them both professionally and personally. 
College funding
“The cost of a college degree in the United States has increased 12-fold over the past 30 years, far outpacing the price inflation of consumer goods, medical expenses and food. According to Bloomberg, college tuition and fees have increased 1,120 percent since records began in 1978” (Huffington Post, 2012). The challenge for students to pay for college has never been harder. Financial services organizations are keenly aware of this and have started to apply their guidance and expertise to help clients navigate the many college funding options. 
Tom Larson, Financial Representative from Thrivent Financial will present on College Funding:  How Financial Planners from Thrivent help parents and student avoid costly mistakes and discover funding sources. The information provided is based on a free educational workshop from Thrivent specifically designed for parents of high school students  who are going through the college admission process for the first time.
Life insurance hedging and derivatives
Gary Hatfield of Securian will discuss the various usages of derivatives by US life insurers, the kinds of liabilities they are using derivatives to hedge and some related accounting and risk issues. 

Winter Meeting Recap


The LOMA Society held its winter meeting on March 5th at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis.  The evening began with a social hour and an icebreaker exercise that helped attendees meet their fellow members.  Following a buffet dinner, keynote speaker Wendy Benning spoke on online personal branding.  Wendy has a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and is president of VERUM Staffing. 


Wendy’s talk focused on how recruiters or a potential client may use online resources to learn about an individual and how online information affects perception.  She also offered suggestions for creating and maintaining your online personal brand.   


Of the recruiters that Wendy interviewed, 74% said they use the internet to learn about an individual.  LinkedIn, a networking site for people in professional occupations, was by far the most popular.  Some recruiters use Google or Bing, but very few use Facebook or Twitter.  Sixty percent said that online information affects their attitude toward an applicant.   


However, a recruiter may not expect to find online information on someone with a long employment history.  But there is a higher expectation that a younger person will have an online profile. 


Wendy expects the importance of online personal branding to only increase over time.  With that in mind, it is important to ensure that online information on a site such as LinkedIn is presented in a professional manner and that grammar, spelling and language is correct.  Nothing should appear that might be considered inappropriate.  The information presented should be consistent with the individual’s resume and across all methods of communication.  It is also important that skills are accurately described.  Information should be kept up to date.     


Wendy concluded by noting that a photo should be posted on a site such as LinkedIn to help humanize the profile.  The image should be clear and feature a professional pose. 


In order to assist LOMA Society members in creating their own online brand, Mary Kate Foley Photography was available at the meeting to take a professional photo of each member at no cost.   


The charity selected for the winter meeting was the Cancer Kids Fund of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, which provides support, care, and comfort to children and families coping with cancer or blood disorders.  Society members contributed $143.00 to the fund.


Keynote speaker Wendy Benning spoke on online personal branding. 



Twin Cities LOMA Society attendees met fellow members during an icebreaker exercise.


The LOMA Society of the Twin Cities will again award a $500.00 scholarship in 2013 for post-secondary education. 
Eligible candidates are members of the LOMA Society in good standing, or a spouse, child, grandchild, domestic partner, or dependent.  New FLMI designees that qualify for membership in the Society are also eligible if they receive their designation prior to the application deadline of June 30, 2013. 
Candidates may be an accepted first year or continuing student.  The applicant is required to complete an application form describing their personal goals or development plan, and the LOMA Society member must also submit a statement of how their LOMA educational achievements or society membership have helped them personally in their career or interactions with others.  Details are included in the Scholarship Program Guidelines found on the application form. 
Scholarship applications and guidelines are available from any LOMA Society board member -- or at 

Contact Rolf Anderson with any questions concerning the LOMA Society Scholarship Program at 

LOMA Twin Cities Board Members


Julie Printz, President
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
(612) 844-8372
Rolf T. Anderson, Vice President & Scholarship Chair
(612) 824-7807 

Dixie Carroll, Past President
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
(612) 678-4177 
Leah Reckin-Mahoney, Treasurer
Securian Financial Group
(651) 665-6073  
Claudia Wiebold, Secretary & Program Chair
Securian Financial Group
(651) 665-3032 
LuAnn Maxfield, Membership Chair
(763) 255-7390  

Barb Prinz, Communication Chair
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
(612) 678-7259  
Michaela Voor Vart, Society Committee Representative
Legal & General
(301) 279-4800  
Robin Holicky, Member at Large
(763) 255-7366 
Tyler Akerlind, Member at Large
New York Life
(952) 279-7235 
Jared Asay, Webmaster
Securian Financial Group
LOMA Twin Cities,
Apr 18, 2013, 2:26 PM