About LOMA
A LOMA society is an organization of professionals who have earned designations from LOMA. Each society is chartered by LOMA. The purpose of LOMA societies is to provide society members, students, insurance professional and financial services professionals with opportunities for continuing industry education, professional growth, networking opportunities, and to increase the recognition of all LOMA designations. LOMA Societies help members and their companies by giving seminars on current industry issues, giving LOMA course review classes, acting as mentors to encourage LOMA students to complete the program, recognizing new LOMA designees at special meetings, and exchanging ideas. There are numerous active LOMA Societies around the world. LOMA Code of Professional Ethics The LOMA designee:
  • continually strives to master all aspects of his/her busines;
  • discharges all duties with objectivity and fairness, applying standards of integrity and professionalism to the business environment;
  • holds his/her professional designation(s) proudly and seeks to enhance the reputation of the designation(s) in every way.
LOMA and the LOMA Society of the Twin Cities bring value to their members.  

LOMA Society of the Twin Cities
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